Blender – Tutorial 3: Modelling a Cushion

Hello Everyone!

The third tutorial is here. It’s good for those who plan to use Blender for interior design and interior object modelling. In this tutorial we’ll try to model a cushion of a couch.

Discussed in this tutorial:

  • Measurement Systems.
  • The Bevel modifier.
  • The Mirror modifier.
  • The “Remove Doubles” tool.
  • Conversion between meshes & curves.
  • Implementing the C4D’s Sweep Nurbs modifier through the path bevel object.

The finished result will look like this:

The Video Tutorial

By the way, I’m so sorry for the audio/video out of sync problem of the last tutorial. hopefully that won’t happen again.

Enjoy! Waiting for your comments & suggestions.

3D Immortal


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