Building an FBX File to My Game Engine Binary File Converter

During the second class of Game Engine Programming, which I’m currently taking this quarter, we are learning how to write offline tools to help us feed data (models and animations) into our own game engines. The choice was to create a command-line tool that converts an FBX file to the binary format expected by my own game engine ( I call it the .dpu file ). It’s a command line tool so that it can be easily used in a script to handle multiple conversion. We also chose to work with FBX files since they are widely supported by most 3D graphics creation suites. Its SDK is very well documented, and the documentations contain a lot of examples.

For the first milestone of this class, each student was required to individually write his own converter, and modify his own game engine as needed. I modified my game engine so that it’s more dynamic when loading the .dpu files. It deals now with indexed binary chunks rather than a fixed set of data in the file. It can also deal with models that are built from multiple meshes placed in a certain hierarchy. The game engine can now load these hierarchies dynamically into the scene graph and transform them correctly according to the extracted matrices from the FBX file.

Each student was required to record a demo video of his converter and Model Viewer (modified game engine), and write a design document demonstrating his own game engine binary format and why he made his own design decisions.

Here is the video:


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