Building An Android Game Using Web Technologies

There are so many things one can do with web technologies nowadays, since almost all devices have web browsers. I recently read the Supercharged JavaScript Graphics book, which demonstrated a lot of ways you can use JavaScript to write some cool games that run on the browser. After I finished reading it, I wanted to get my hands dirty by writing my own version of one of the example games presented in the book. I called the game “MangaPuzzle”, which is a tile-based puzzle game that uses images of drawings of Japanese animated manga. Those images are not mine, I just found them online and used them for the sake of my personal education and practice.

The purpose of this personal exercise for me was to improve my knowledge of JavaScript and some JavaScript libraries. The UI of the game was easily designed using jQuery Mobile. The tricky part was to write the game code in JavaScript implementing an Object-Oriented design, since JavaScript is not a conventional class-based OO language. Much of the OO features in JavaScript are simulated using closures and the fact that functions are objects. My code is completely different than the one presented in the book and that was my mission, to see if I’ll be able to write it differently my own way.

Web Technologies used were:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JavaScript Libraries (jQuery, and jQuery Mobile)

I then used the PhoneGap framework to convert the game into an Android app. In the following video I will be reviewing the game.


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