Blender – Tutorial 4: Modelling a Screw Driver with Nurbs

Hello Everyone!

This is our 4th Blender tutorial, which teaches you a bit about an area of Blender that is not so commonly used – NURBS Modelling.

We will try to model a screw driver using this technique, which, as we will see, very quick, easy, and generates highly detailed models.

The end result will look like this:

The Video Tutorial

I hope you benefitted from the tutorial. Please leave any comment or suggestion that you have. I’ll be very happy to offer any help you need.

3D Immortal


Blender – Tutorial 3: Modelling a Cushion

Hello Everyone!

The third tutorial is here. It’s good for those who plan to use Blender for interior design and interior object modelling. In this tutorial we’ll try to model a cushion of a couch.

Discussed in this tutorial:

  • Measurement Systems.
  • The Bevel modifier.
  • The Mirror modifier.
  • The “Remove Doubles” tool.
  • Conversion between meshes & curves.
  • Implementing the C4D’s Sweep Nurbs modifier through the path bevel object.

The finished result will look like this:

The Video Tutorial

By the way, I’m so sorry for the audio/video out of sync problem of the last tutorial. hopefully that won’t happen again.

Enjoy! Waiting for your comments & suggestions.

3D Immortal

Blender – Tutorial 2: Modelling a Trash Can

Hello Everyone!

This is the second Blender tutorial in our series that shows you how to model a trash can.

It covers the following:

  • Individual extrude
  • Transform median point adjustment
  • Bezier curves
  • The Solidify modifier
  • The Screw modifier
  • Vertex groups
  • Scene texturing
  • And more …

The final result will look like this:

The Video Tutorial:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question or suggestion. Looking forward to the next tutorial.

3D Immortal

Blender – Tutorial 1: Modelling a Spoon

Hello Everyone,

This tutorial is the first in a series of tutorials to help you learn Blender 2.5, and to help artists coming from 3DS MAX or Cinema 4D to convert to Blender.

It covers  the following:

  • How to model the spoon
  • How to make the Blender default Camera, a Target Camera
  • How to add materials & textures
  • How to manipulate lights
  • How to enable Ambient Occlusion

The final result will look something like below images:


The Video Tutorial

Looking forward to the next tutorial.


3D Immortal